DerkIT, Quality is no coincidence

English summary of my knowledge, passion and activities.

Here is a summary of my activities and specialities;

Short Bio:

Since 1999 in IT – Founded DerkIT in 2017- Practical – Simplifier – Likes sharing knowledge – Projects and changes only – Has also a technical focus – Acts as bridge between business and technology – Guides complex decisions and reduces them to the essence – Believes that humor, clarity, and simplicity are important.


  • Specialized in rebooting and completing failed IT-projects
  • Workshops to help people understand and effectively use Office and Office 365
  • Public speaking and delivering higly effective presentation training
  • Help company’s to solve problems with their IT-departments
  • Active Directory Design, Upgrades, Troubleshooting etc.
  • (Microsoft) Security, Compliancy & Group Policies
  • Designing the end user Desktop
  • Office upgrades and migrations
  • Organizing roadshows to inform the end users in an informal and very effective way.

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